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Adopt a Family


Families in Need ? Get Help Through Our Adopt a Family' Initiative

We understand that many families face challenging times, and our Adopt a Family program is here to offer a helping hand.


Register with us to access the support and assistance you need during these difficult moments. Our program is designed to empower families in need and provide them with the resources and care they require to thrive.

 How 'Adopt a Family' Works:

Register: Complete the Registration Form providing essential information about your family.


Share Your Family's Wishlist: Families are encouraged to share their wish list, highlighting the specific items, gifts, or support they need during the holiday season.

Matching Process: Our team will carefully match registered families with sponsors who are willing to provide assistance based on the shared wish list and circumstances.

Invitation to the Holiday Party: Selected families will receive invitations to our heartwarming holiday party, a festive gathering where they can enjoy delicious catered food and participate in bonding activities with other families.

Additional Resources: During the application process, we also identify additional resources that families may need to enhance their sustainability beyond the holiday season. This can include access to educational or job-related opportunities, financial counseling, and more.

Our Adopt a Family program is designed to provide immediate support and establish a foundation for long-term resilience. It's our commitment to empower families and ensure that they have the tools they need to thrive well beyond the holiday season.

Important Registration Notice: We want to emphasize that our registration slots fill up quickly. Registering does not guarantee that all families will be selected to participate in our program. We encourage early registration and appreciate your understanding as we work diligently to accommodate as many families as possible. The final day to sign up is November 26nd, 2023  


Light Up a Family's Season: Sponsor a Family in Need!

At Project Impact 180, we invite compassionate donors like you to make a meaningful impact this season.


Join our Sponsor a Family initiative and provide a brighter and happier holiday season for a family in need. Your sponsorship not only spreads joy but also helps foster a sense of togetherness and community spirit. Give the gift of hope and warmth to those who need it most.

How 'Sponsor a Family' Works:

Register: Sponsors can register to adopt one or more families, extending their generosity to those in need.

Matching: Once registered, our team  matches sponsors with families who have shared their heartfelt wishes for the holiday season. This personal touch ensures a meaningful and thoughtful connection.

Gift Selection: Sponsors have the joy of selecting and purchasing gifts for the adopted families wish lists and bringing their holiday dreams to life.

Gift Wrapping:  After choosing the perfect gifts, sponsors take the time to wrap and label  them, infusing the act of giving with warmth and care. (Our team can also wrap the gifts too!)


Gift Drop-Off: Sponsors can then drop off their beautifully wrapped gifts at designated collection locations, where they will be gathered and prepared for distribution to the families.

Alternative Donation: For those who prefer not to shop themselves, sponsors can make a financial donation, and our dedicated "elves" will shop on their behalf, ensuring that the families receive the items they need and desire.

Important Deadline: The final day to sign up and become a sponsor is December 2nd, 2023. Your generosity can truly brighten the holiday season for families in need. Join us in spreading the magic of giving and making this holiday season special for all.

Corporate Sponsorship: Be a Beacon of Hope in Our 'Adopt a Family' Program


For corporations seeking to make a profound impact this holiday season, our 'Adopt a Family' program offers an opportunity to bring joy and support to families in need. Become a corporate sponsor and extend your reach beyond business to create a lasting and heartwarming impact in our community. Join us in spreading the spirit of giving and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Take a moment to download our sponsorship booklet to learn how your organization can help. Your corporate support can truly light up the holiday season for these families.

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