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BluePrint for Success


BluePrint for Success
Cultivating a Sense of purpose in youth

Why Purpose Matters?

Many young people today are  drifting through life with high ambitions, but no actionable plan to achieve their dreams. Only about one in five young people have  expressed a clear vision of where they wanted to go, what they wanted to accomplish in life and why. 


Our Blueprint for Success is a broad roadmap to help youth discover their purpose, develop their identity,  and give their lives significance. 

We believe that when youth know who they are and understand their place in the world, they will make better choices that lead to a more focused and  fulfilled life.


How do we help our youth discover purpose?

  • We introduce young people to new ways of seeing the world and themselves.

  • We provide  spaces for young people to develop life skills while learning new things.

  • We encourage them to pursue their  aspirations and provide access to the necessary resources to achieve their dreams.

  • We help young people develop the tools to manage their own emotions.

  • We expose youth to something new that helps them develop their own sense of purpose. 


Purpose Changes Everything

Youth with a sense of purpose:

Program Year 

  • Attend  24-week cohort (6 weeks during summer).

  • Participate in 90 minutes of weekly mentorship.

  • Complete 18+ hours in positive youth development and  enrichment activities

  • Have the opportunity to attend 2+ field lessons. 

  • Workshops.

  • Lead 4 Change Community Service Project- (Youth research, plan, and implement a project that positively impacts their communities).

  • Receive Project Impact 180 Swag Bag-age appropriate supplies.

  • Professional and structured mentorship.

  • Summer Job Institute-Partnerships with community and corporate to gain meaningful employment and leadership experience. (6th-12th grade)

Our program fosters a safe place where our youth are trained to creatively explore problems and solutions in their lives, families, and communities.
Our three principles are: 


Awakening the creative genius in youth to help them overcome barriers in discovering their inner potential.


Leveraging time, energy, and experience to develop young visionaries for leadership roles in their homes, schools, and communities .


Engaging the heart and soul in transforming the lives of youth through servant leadership.

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